Grail Movement of Canada

Aim and Objectives

Many readers and adherents of the Grail Message feel it is important that they work together with others to increase the awareness of the Grail Message. Abd-ru-shin himself makes mention of the criteria for this in his Grail Message. The individual reader must come to terms, objectively and without prejudice with the statements of the Grail Message; the prerequisite being that the reader is truly seeking spiritual values and also wishes to apply the recognitions gained, to his personal life. All forms of soliciting or influencing in order to spread the Grail Message, contradict the statements of the Grail Message and are not to be followed. The foundation for the Grail Movement of Canada shares the same criteria in this respect. The Grail Movement as the name itself implies, is from its origin, not a solidly formed organisation. It is a “movement” consisting of readers and adherents of the Grail Message, each individually striving to realise their mutual aim.

As well as the intention to deepen their level of knowledge of the Grail Message, it is also the great wish of readers and adherents, to attend Hours of Worship which, in the sense of the Grail Message, are known as joint hours for the worship of God. Being permitted to experience the Grail Festival is also of special interest to the readers and adherents of the Grail Message, whereby this has also become a principal objective of the Grail Movement. 

In association with the Grail Administration, Vomperberg, Tirol, Austria